Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thinhking hat

what did i enjoy

I have enjoyed maths because it is fun for me and helps me.So when i go to the shop i can add how much I need.

Things i didn’t enjoy

Writing because it is not fun to me and it is boring. I think the topics we have been writing about I don’t know much about. I don't like to sit there for too long.

what did i learn

I learn all about my fractions because i learn so when i go on maths whizz i know my fractions.

How do i feel about my term overall

This term was like finishing our work most of it was writing. Like i said sat there and finishing it.

what did i find most interesting

I found the Internet interesting because when i came to this school didn’t anything about the Internet so then i learn about it and then i get it. It is easy for me to search for stuff I don't know.

what could i have done better to help my learning

If i stop taking to my friends and do my work. So i dot be the last one to finishing.

sonny bill

Sprinting with the ball sonny bill Williams scored a try. Passing the rugby ball to sonny bill Williams strongly scored a try. Kicking the ball Sonny Bill got it in the goal post.


Whakaurua kia toa!! Be in to win everyone is a winner in rugby league.

As the Warriors walked onto the field the crowd went wild. It was the day of the grand final game against Manly Sea Eagles. The game was played in Sydney, Australia.

Oh no Manly Sea Eagle got the first try. Running down the sideline, bursting past the opposition Manu scored the first try for the warriors.
I was so disappointed at the warriors because the boy’s didn’t get the first try. Maybe next time Warriors we can win the trophy.