Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jackson Pollock is  a good artist  he is a famous man. He  lived in America in New York  City Everyone loves his artwork. When  Jackson Pollock has a sale everyone buys like 2 or 4  artwork of his.

He never gave up his  art he just kept on going and going  he was only 44 years old but thats when he died. He had a car crash and
he liked to drink alcohol because he use to be depressed.

 My class decided to do some of his art. It was so fun we didn’t  touch  the paper we just flick  it and it went all over the hole  paper and it even went on our shoes. We were all finished and it was the end of the day.                                   

Friday, May 18, 2012

Could Creatures live without rain

If there was no rain sea creatures would possibly survive without  water. Most sea creatures would be alive.

There is a part of the world where it doesn’t rain. There it is dry, plants and animals don’t live  there.

Rain supplies us and animals with water to drink. Water helps plants to grow.

Some people  in cities  become angry when it doesn’t rain. They need rain to grow grass and to
grow crops.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Room 15  had their  swimming Lessons today. I couldn't  wait  to  be  at the pools. I was so happy to get in the warm pool.Before we were allowed we had to go  rinse  off.  When we got into the pool  they put us into three groups.

I  was in group two   was so fun. The teacher  said  our  first  activity  was fast kicking.  It was my turn I was so  nervous.

Ready set go!  I was  shocked  it was like I was going to faint  but I  still  did it. Under the water I “said” to “myself” while I was sluggish kicking. I can’t be believed I did this. I  was swimming like I  hadn't swum before and everyone was laughing  at me. Finally I was done and I took a big breath.

We were finally done and we all went for a rinse and then we put on our uniform. Then we walked to school. I had so much fun I wish we had stayed there for long. My goal is to learn how to swim faster and catch up with the other kids.