Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ways to show a number :)

Triangles math's :)

School uniform :)

I believe that all schools should have uniform because it is represent  where they come from and makes them look brilliant and sharp. I would want a school uniform for the reason that it makes me look smart and tidy. Also because  It is easy for me to have uniform so in the morning’s I do not have to wake up early just to find me some clothes for school especially when I have to find something nice so I don’t get mocked and judge from people behind my back.It would be frustrated for my mum because she would have to do my washing everyday so that I do not run out of clothes.

I go to Point England School which is an amazing school because we have everything even uniform for us student to look great in. I think that Pt England would not  look smart if we did not  have uniform, we would look messy and ugly because some kids don’t have really nice clothes to wear or some kids just have dirty clothes like short as short and crop top’s which is not suitable for  Pt England. I bet that every student would get back stab everyday about what they wore today or yesterday and the day before.

I would wake up around 6am or 7 just to find me some clothes so that I would not get judge or alienation because if someone were to judge me in front of my face or behind me back I would get really upset or angry or sometime I would not care. Some people think it’s okay to mock or judge people but it not,  kids will mock someone then say it was joke but the person that is getting mocked will feel sad in the inside but from the outside they be like algoods but really there hurting from the inside and out side. That is why we should not have mufti all the time.

Uniforms save time for us so that when we come back from school we do not have to look for something to wear for school the next day. Or wake up early and stare at the mirror for nearly 2 hours. I don’t have to  frustrate every morning because I have school uniform so when I come back from school it get washed then back folded and into my room, so when I wake up I just put my uniform on  and get ready. Not like some school who take heap’s of time taken off just to find some clothes and even be late to school because they were looking for something to wear when they've been at school learning .