Friday, August 31, 2012


                                           yum yum yum my mum makes the best  pasta in the world. mum can we have pasta yes mum said. yeah that going to be yum I bet  oh it is going to be yum mum said and don’t bet cos it will be yum. OKyum yum yum that was delicious was it yap.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Cross Country

"Man" I said tiredly. Today it Cross Country I didn’t  want come to school today  but I didn’t want to do that just because it was cross country. So I went to school. "Hi everyone" I said, "Hey Ana" they said back. It was time to get ready to run.

Then we all went to the court sitting down  waiting for all the classes to come to the court. while waiting for all the classes we had a run to be fit. "Is everyone here" Mr burt said. He is the principal, he called all the class from room 1 all the way to room 24.

Everyone was here k lets get started. "NO NO I don't want to Run" I shouted, "why" asked my teacher, "because I don’t like running" I replied. But they said no I had to run. I would be at home right now but instead I am at school running, I hate this day. OK here we are on the starting line.

GO we went like a gun shooting, I was coming first but then I had to STOP, because I was so tired I could not run. I was so angry at myself. It  was like past in hour and I was still running. Finally I could see the finish line. "Yeah" I shouted, I am at school now and I don't know what I came but I was still proud of my self.

Friday, August 17, 2012

My Nana Is Coming To NZ

Yeah my nana is coming to nz. I can’t wait  to see her when she comes i will make her a cup of tea and do a. Comfortable bed for her so she can have a nap and do what ever she say to do to me.

Mum when is nana coming she is coming at twelve in the morning what.In the morning that gane take for long yes mum said. Men is twelve yet  no it still daylight eat time come on come and sit on the table I said when are you coming Nana.

"nap time mum said" wait but who will pick up Nana. "I will" but I wait come to "no you have to go to sleep for school you will see her in the morning". no I want to be the first one to see her " ok mum said i will wake you up when nana is here only you so you can be the first one to see he"r.

I can feel my mum waking me up omg is nana here yes it was my nana i jump out of my bed and had a big hug. I miss you nana I miss you too lovely nana it can have a rest ok and I will make you a tea. so when are you going back on the 14th oh not that  long  in tll you're going back yea I can only stay here for shorts.

why I ask because I have a work in  U S A she said.  ok you can have your nap and when you wake up I will make you a tea or right ok. I went to the living room  which tv it was two hours and my nana wake up who was your sleep I ask good well that good I said I will go and make your tea ok.

I came back with her tea thanks Ana it or right then we all went to sleep for the next.Day omg is it the 14th yes said my. Nana then I went  to my room and I was crying so hard I didn’t want her to go back but she had to go we all said buy to at the airport and crying guy nana I said love you Ana.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ana and Her Book

Siting in my room on the bed reading my library book all day, My “mum said come and watch tv your program is on”. But I didn't want to go. I said "I am in my room reading". “Oh" mum said "you can read and I will watch my program”.

I went to the kitchen with my book, reading and walking at  the same time “ouch” I said, I hit my head on the door. My mum called “what’s  that” “nothing”  I shouted. “who’s that” Mum said. "Just me Ana". “I thought  you are reading your book” she said. “yeah I am but I’m just hungry” .

I got a piece of bread then I went back to my room.  I am nearly finished reading my book. Then dinner was ready.  Mum wanted everyone to come and sit at the table but I ignored her and finished my book.  

“Yay i finished, oh ho oh ho” I shouted with excitement. I can’t believe I finished a big book in one day. I went to the kitchen and told mum and dad I had finished my book. “Good girl  my mum and dad said. “What’s it about?”.  “It’s a long story” I said. “Ok’ said my mum.     

Friday, August 3, 2012


Last week me and my family  had a funeral,  it was so sad when i heard about it. I went in to my mum’s room and i saw her crying.  she said to me to come and sit next to her,  so I sat next to her and i started to cry too.

My mum told me that tonight we will go and see her at the church. When we got at the church I ran inside to see her when i saw her I started crying. Then my mum came and said it ok  then me and my mum kiss her  she look so pretty.

It was time for the pray so we all close our eyes and put our hands together. It was so sad everyone was crying. I stoped crying when it finished we all went outside  to get our food. My family handed out the food for everyone.

My mum said when I finished taking we will go. My cousins were sleeping they ask my mum if i can sleep there . “Yes” Mum says. I ran inside my cousins said what did she say?. “she said yes”. I shouted.