Thursday, December 13, 2012


On Sunday my mum and I stayed home  with my dad. We wondered what is going  to come on television at 7.00pm. we were  watching channel three.  Christmas in the park was on, “yeah” I said. That sounds cool.

Then it was the ad, I was just sitting there waiting for it to come back on “finally” I said. It’s back on.  I have been waiting for long for this to come on, “OMG is that Guy Sebastian”? I asked and no reply. He is on tv my dad likes him. Well that my dad favourite singer he say he is the best.

Guy Sebastian was singing  these battle scars my dad  was so  happy  he like that song he sing it every day and  he is fob.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ana Netbook Reflection

I like learning with a netbook because it is fast to learn on and it helps my learning lots. To me learning on a netbook is cool and fun I really like it, well I prefer netbooks than books and pens. I find it easier because my hand gets sore when i am writing. I like it because I have been learning new things and they are really cool.

The thing that frustrates me is that sometimes my netbook freezes. usually when I’m using firefox with my google account.

I think it would be better if the share and save box in google docs didn’t move with the mouse.

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Day I Met My BFF

It was my first day at school and I was so shy I went into my classroom and all of them were looking at me I was like OMG. I was like saying this in my mine can you stop looking at me because I am getting shy my teacher miss king said come in and have a set Ana that my name. It was lunchtime and all of the girls  were all at me  they were like hi Ana wat up and I am like it ok and she like hahahahaha she was like laughing.

It was like a year that I have been at that school and I find me a BFF her name was Aldora that was a pretty name. We are going to be BEST FRIENDS FOR EVER  you got that no one can break us apart we were laughing at the same time when it was class time me and Aldora will just be talking on the met and then get a growling form the teacher.

We were still BEST FRIENDS until  she had to go to Australia because her Grampa was sick in Australia so they had to go over there I was so sad. To see her go but she said that she will come back some time.

Jose fall down the roof

Josh was at his house he was just playing his game and then  his mum said I had enough of this game josh she said go and play outside now. You are not allowed to play on that game for 2 week you got that do YOU UNDERSTAND Josh . Yes mum Josh went outside he was so angry at his mum.

Josh climbed up on the roof  and he just sit there he look down and the trampoline was there he wanted to jump of the roof. But he thought his mum was going to get angry at him again but he just did it he jump of the roof and he did a flipped too he landed on the trampoline but his neck  broken mum mum come out he said.

“Mum came out and said what happened”  “I jump of the roof said Josh”  “omg get in the car now”  then mum took him into the hospital the doctor. Put a  neck brace on him  and the doctor said that Josh will have to just lay down on his bed in his room “ok said josh” him and his mum got home and Josh just went to his room and layed down. He said to himself that he is never going to play on his game again.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Have Some Fun In The Sun

Playing outside with all my friends on a sunny day  it was fun we played a game called handball and that was so much fun. Sometime we did 4 sqrt and then more people came so we wanted everyone to play so then we did 6 sqrt so then everyone was playing and happy and dancing and laughter we were all tired so we had a reats.

All of us went home to have our tea and biscuits at 12  then came back outside at 1 at the sometime. Hi friends welcome back again they all laughter you too should we play handball nah let play volleyball ok that will be fun. So we went to my friends backward and play ball boys vs girls  and girls are winner. Yea we won we won not you not you it just a game said the boy’s.

We were just sit down talking and laughter  have fun in the sun then we all had a walk. The sun was coming down  all our mum’s was calling us come inside now ok we all said. Bye friend’s bye Ana  see you guys tomorrow.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Lily Save The Day

Walking to the quaker there was heaps of tree and bush’s Kata and her sister were hated their heads on the.Tree because It was too long the tree were moving around “zzzzzz kata said it is cold” the wind was so touareg. It was like the was going to come down kata and her sister were secured.

kata and her sister were just going walking and all you can hear is cark cark the tree was coming down on them. Kata sermd and Lily her sister jump up and was crying “run run run said Kata” ”NO! I am not going to leave you here said Lily. Like this she was stark form the tree. So she called there “mum come now” “why said mum” don’t ask why just come Kata is hata mum came and called the ambleny.

The ambleny came and they got Kata out from the tree and took her to the hasbold and Lily was called a good girl for calling for help. But Kate or better but here neke was hata Kata and Lily said at the same time we are never going to the quaker again. Mum was happy I love you tow         

Friday, October 19, 2012

Getting Kidnap

Going to town Daina’s mum give her money yeah she can’t wait to buy her think’s.She went into the shop she wanted to go in and it had jewly in it she said that so pretty. But she only had 50$ and the thing she wanted was only 20$ plus she  wanted to eat. She bought the top when she was coming out of the door this man was waiting there “cool top he said”  “thanks Daina’s said” as she was walking to go eat.

the men grabbed her “she screamed help help help” “give me your money” “ no she said it my.” The men put her in his car he kidnap her then they went to his home Daina’s was crying so hard  her mum called to see where she was and her phone was in her bag she got it and then the men came. “No no no Daina’s said” “are you crying for your mom the men said.” It was 7.30 and Daina’s mum was worried then she called the police.

Can you find my daughter please she beg  beg  crying her heart out pettey please ok we will thanks you so much I can’t say anything else. The police went around  house’s they went by one house and they heard a screamed oh what that they knocked on the door no one answered so then they look in the window they saw a girl tied up but they couldn’t  go in so they smashed the window. One men got the girl and the other men got the bad men.

So the men who kidnap Daina’s  went to jail and Daina’s went home to her mum and her “mum said you are not going anywhere now you are just staying home with me”.” Ok mum” happy

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sunny Day

One day It was sunny and  Joshua and his dad were bored so then they went to the beach to get some shells and have a swim because it was hot. dad said “these shells  are beautiful”. “we should take some home”, Joshua said. Then they went Into to the water  dad said “this is more fun than staying at home”.

Dad said “don’t go too far I am going to get something in the car”. “Ok, Yes dad” said Joshua dad went to get something in his car and then came back to go in the Water and he saw that Joshua was drowning.

dad started running as fast as he could help help said Joshua. Dad got In the water  and Joshua was dieing  dad swim to him and pick him up walk to the sand. Put him down and called the ambulance.

The ambulance came and took Joshua and dad went home to tell. Joshua mum then they went to see him “are you feeling good said mum.” Yes” then Joshua got to go home happy and safe with his mum and dad.



Friday, September 21, 2012

Shot put

Going to the Museum

On saturday we went to the Museum and it was so fun my whole family went . On the van so we can all fit but we were going to go on the train.Cos we all wanted to go on the train but my mum said no.

My mum was driving and we were all sitting down with our bet on. yeah we are at the Museum everyone take your bet off and get out. o m g this is so cool everyone was running around  my mum was like why did I bring used trying to get them  it was so hard they were so naughty.

we were only there for an hour  time to go wath that was short when we got home we ate yum yum yum.                                                                                                                                       

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ana is in the Paralympics

When lunch finished room 15 went  straight to the field I didn’t want to run because I was so tired from lunch.  But I wanted to try it out because Mr Mark said to get a band so all of the fifteen got a band and then he said to sprint as fast as we can.

When we came back we wrap the band around our self and put one hand inside the band and then we had to do it again sprinting with only one hand and it made us slower. Then when I came back to the line my partner went and we and then we put both hands in it made me every slower.

Gigging my hands Mr mark was laughing  at all of us. Running like I was on fire trying to bet the others people that was in front of me. But the other people next to was there befor me I was so tired it was like I was missing limbs .

Then I thought we were going to stop but we had to run around the field and then go back to class.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ana Is paralympic

When lunch finished room 15 went  straight to the field I didn’t want to run because I was so tiring from lunch.  But I wanted to try it out because Mr mark said to get a ban so all of the fifteen got a ban and then he said to sprint as hard as we can. When we came back we rap the ban around our self  and put one hand inside the ban and then we had to do it again sprinting with only one hand and it made us slower. Then when I came back to the line my partner went and and then we put both hands in me slower.

Gigging my hands Mr mark was laughing  at all of us. Running like I was on fire trying to bet the others people that was in fort fo me. But the other people next to was there befor me I was so tiring it was like I was missing limbs .

Then I thought we going to stop but we had to run around  the field and then go to back to class.

Monday, September 10, 2012

At Home Ceaning

Every Saturday  at home we have a spring clean because my brothers and sisters that are 2 and 4 year old always makes a mess in the house and me and my mum and brothers clean the their mess in the house. I clean the kitchen  and my brothers clean the living room and my other brothers clean the toilet ,bathroom, and hallway and my mum cleans the all of our rooms. Last of all my dad  cleans outside.

Finally when we finished cleaning the house we go outside clean the cars. My mum vacuums and we pick up the rubbish. Then we do my mum's plants and pull the weeds out then we go shopping for the house “Yeah I get to sit down my legs are sore.”        

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Watching  tandem cycling  on tv is cool because the person at the back is blind and moving their legs like fire going round and round. I can’t ever stop watching tandem cycling because it is cool. Mum says to me when I grow up I should ried on a tandem cycling with a blind person.    

Friday, August 31, 2012


                                           yum yum yum my mum makes the best  pasta in the world. mum can we have pasta yes mum said. yeah that going to be yum I bet  oh it is going to be yum mum said and don’t bet cos it will be yum. OKyum yum yum that was delicious was it yap.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Cross Country

"Man" I said tiredly. Today it Cross Country I didn’t  want come to school today  but I didn’t want to do that just because it was cross country. So I went to school. "Hi everyone" I said, "Hey Ana" they said back. It was time to get ready to run.

Then we all went to the court sitting down  waiting for all the classes to come to the court. while waiting for all the classes we had a run to be fit. "Is everyone here" Mr burt said. He is the principal, he called all the class from room 1 all the way to room 24.

Everyone was here k lets get started. "NO NO I don't want to Run" I shouted, "why" asked my teacher, "because I don’t like running" I replied. But they said no I had to run. I would be at home right now but instead I am at school running, I hate this day. OK here we are on the starting line.

GO we went like a gun shooting, I was coming first but then I had to STOP, because I was so tired I could not run. I was so angry at myself. It  was like past in hour and I was still running. Finally I could see the finish line. "Yeah" I shouted, I am at school now and I don't know what I came but I was still proud of my self.

Friday, August 17, 2012

My Nana Is Coming To NZ

Yeah my nana is coming to nz. I can’t wait  to see her when she comes i will make her a cup of tea and do a. Comfortable bed for her so she can have a nap and do what ever she say to do to me.

Mum when is nana coming she is coming at twelve in the morning what.In the morning that gane take for long yes mum said. Men is twelve yet  no it still daylight eat time come on come and sit on the table I said when are you coming Nana.

"nap time mum said" wait but who will pick up Nana. "I will" but I wait come to "no you have to go to sleep for school you will see her in the morning". no I want to be the first one to see her " ok mum said i will wake you up when nana is here only you so you can be the first one to see he"r.

I can feel my mum waking me up omg is nana here yes it was my nana i jump out of my bed and had a big hug. I miss you nana I miss you too lovely nana it can have a rest ok and I will make you a tea. so when are you going back on the 14th oh not that  long  in tll you're going back yea I can only stay here for shorts.

why I ask because I have a work in  U S A she said.  ok you can have your nap and when you wake up I will make you a tea or right ok. I went to the living room  which tv it was two hours and my nana wake up who was your sleep I ask good well that good I said I will go and make your tea ok.

I came back with her tea thanks Ana it or right then we all went to sleep for the next.Day omg is it the 14th yes said my. Nana then I went  to my room and I was crying so hard I didn’t want her to go back but she had to go we all said buy to at the airport and crying guy nana I said love you Ana.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ana and Her Book

Siting in my room on the bed reading my library book all day, My “mum said come and watch tv your program is on”. But I didn't want to go. I said "I am in my room reading". “Oh" mum said "you can read and I will watch my program”.

I went to the kitchen with my book, reading and walking at  the same time “ouch” I said, I hit my head on the door. My mum called “what’s  that” “nothing”  I shouted. “who’s that” Mum said. "Just me Ana". “I thought  you are reading your book” she said. “yeah I am but I’m just hungry” .

I got a piece of bread then I went back to my room.  I am nearly finished reading my book. Then dinner was ready.  Mum wanted everyone to come and sit at the table but I ignored her and finished my book.  

“Yay i finished, oh ho oh ho” I shouted with excitement. I can’t believe I finished a big book in one day. I went to the kitchen and told mum and dad I had finished my book. “Good girl  my mum and dad said. “What’s it about?”.  “It’s a long story” I said. “Ok’ said my mum.     

Friday, August 3, 2012


Last week me and my family  had a funeral,  it was so sad when i heard about it. I went in to my mum’s room and i saw her crying.  she said to me to come and sit next to her,  so I sat next to her and i started to cry too.

My mum told me that tonight we will go and see her at the church. When we got at the church I ran inside to see her when i saw her I started crying. Then my mum came and said it ok  then me and my mum kiss her  she look so pretty.

It was time for the pray so we all close our eyes and put our hands together. It was so sad everyone was crying. I stoped crying when it finished we all went outside  to get our food. My family handed out the food for everyone.

My mum said when I finished taking we will go. My cousins were sleeping they ask my mum if i can sleep there . “Yes” Mum says. I ran inside my cousins said what did she say?. “she said yes”. I shouted.          

Monday, July 23, 2012

Art in Movement

In class we had to find ten movement pictures of sport. Then we had be in groups of 5 then the class had to go to the hall. Then our groups had to find six pictures. and then when we got in the hall our groups had to do what the pictures was.
First we did basketball then we did fencing and boxing diving weightlifting  taekwondo in slow motion. and then we film our groups. When we were all finish it was time to go back to class. It was so fun I was enjoy It I said to myself I wish I can do this again.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


                                                  I am ana and i am  throwing a ball it's called
                                                  shotput. I am in  Oiympics I do shotput. I am one of the best shot put                                                        
                                                  players in the world.


Olympic symbol

This term our inquiry topic is the Olympic Games. We will be taking a close look at the London games and also uncovering some of the amazing stories of the Olympics, both past and present.
The Olympic symbol of five rings repesents the five inhabited continents which are Africa,  bias, Europe, America and Australia. The ring  colors are White, Blue,  Black, Red, Yellow and Green. The olympic flag was created in 1914 and was flown since 1920 during the games.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Aline Pet shop

Once a upon a time  me and my little dog went for a walk. I looked  back and I could see a car I thought  that it was my mum.Cause it stoped  right  next to me I looked close and I saw that it was a man “saying hello” but I didn’t reply  my dog was barking at them.

I look back and there was two man getting out of the car. I was so  scared and  then I want to run  but knew that they will run to.  And then I said should  we run dog we started to run. I look back and i can see the car going I knew that they were coming to get us I said run first.

I was so so tired my dog was still running  I stop my dog was but he still was running I said wilt up he stop. I look again men they were fast they all got out of the car I was just jogging. I can feel their hands around me and my dog I scream  let us go “they said no no no I was crying  hahaha” my dog was barking as loud as he could.

they took us to this place I said where are you taking us  “they said  wilt and see” all. I could see is all these kids and pets  I said is this what you do they said yes I ask why and “they said to get some money”. I said do they eat “they said not really” one of them said.

they gave us a room this is where you and your dog a going to sleep. I said how no  and they said but you can’t go a way.  I said or can I went into my bed it smell  like  poo poo  “they said are you such that not your dog”. I look out of the room I saw a lady  I scream yes my mum is here she saw the key on the table she open the door of the room we quietly went out the door befor the mens come “mum said where have you been”. I just said wilt until we go home.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ana Clay Workshop

Room fifteen went to downtown to a place called youthtown. It is a workshop that has a pool inside. And It has a clay studio we also went with. Room and room fifteen got to go to the clay studio first and room sixteen,seventeen and some of room fifteen  went to the pool.

When I open the door to the clay studio it was amazing I ‘’said’ to myself I wish that was my room. It had jewlery on the wall and on the table it  had paper and pencil and a kebeb stick.
We all got a seat and start listening.

She handed the clay out to all of us. And the clay was so smooth and it was sticky. We had to make decorations and there was a book on the table. So I decided to use my own decorations. I did a love heart and
a flower when I was finished. I had to go and put my name on it so they know it mine. And I coloured it in with multi glass colours. So then I was finished so I gave it to Sue.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Claude Monet  was a french  painter who enjoyed painting the same subject,landscape,cityscape and different season. The impressionist wanted to capture the moment in the time.

Monet  created a beautiful  garden  at his home in Giverny and used It like his subject over and over again.  He liked the way the water changed and moved.

The famous paintings of the japanese bridge show arch bridge crossing a pond it is surrounded with trees and shrubs. The light reflects on the surface of the pond and changes with the season.  

Friday, June 1, 2012

Robert Delaunay

Robert Delaunay was a  painter also  his  wife sonya. He used vibrant colors and geometric shapes. He was french  he had invented orphism.

He liked to use vibrant colors that makes his artwork to life. Most of his artwork  he used contrasting colours which represent a person or an object.

In the painting of the tall portuguese woman he had his wife in. He used contrasting colors. Each leaf he used  in his art was all different colours. This is my first attempt at creating a piece of art in the style of Robert Delaunay.      

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jackson Pollock is  a good artist  he is a famous man. He  lived in America in New York  City Everyone loves his artwork. When  Jackson Pollock has a sale everyone buys like 2 or 4  artwork of his.

He never gave up his  art he just kept on going and going  he was only 44 years old but thats when he died. He had a car crash and
he liked to drink alcohol because he use to be depressed.

 My class decided to do some of his art. It was so fun we didn’t  touch  the paper we just flick  it and it went all over the hole  paper and it even went on our shoes. We were all finished and it was the end of the day.                                   

Friday, May 18, 2012

Could Creatures live without rain

If there was no rain sea creatures would possibly survive without  water. Most sea creatures would be alive.

There is a part of the world where it doesn’t rain. There it is dry, plants and animals don’t live  there.

Rain supplies us and animals with water to drink. Water helps plants to grow.

Some people  in cities  become angry when it doesn’t rain. They need rain to grow grass and to
grow crops.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Room 15  had their  swimming Lessons today. I couldn't  wait  to  be  at the pools. I was so happy to get in the warm pool.Before we were allowed we had to go  rinse  off.  When we got into the pool  they put us into three groups.

I  was in group two   was so fun. The teacher  said  our  first  activity  was fast kicking.  It was my turn I was so  nervous.

Ready set go!  I was  shocked  it was like I was going to faint  but I  still  did it. Under the water I “said” to “myself” while I was sluggish kicking. I can’t be believed I did this. I  was swimming like I  hadn't swum before and everyone was laughing  at me. Finally I was done and I took a big breath.

We were finally done and we all went for a rinse and then we put on our uniform. Then we walked to school. I had so much fun I wish we had stayed there for long. My goal is to learn how to swim faster and catch up with the other kids.  

Monday, April 30, 2012

The fast day of swimming

On the fast day room 15 want swimming it was cool. I was was haveing  fun  so here is me swimming hope you like it.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

“Yeah”, I shouted.  “It’s the holidays”. On the first day of the holidays I cleaned the house. Then on the second day of the holidays I went to the movies which was so much fun. My dad asked me what movie should we watch and I picked battleship because it looked cool. When I entered the cinema I already knew that battleship was going to be awesome.

“Haha”, I said laughing out loud.  “That was a really funny movie”. The movie was so much fun because there were robots and armies. My favourite part was when the robots and the armies were fighting, and the best of all was that Rihanna was in the Movie. It was just so amazing.

After the movie I was exhausted. So I slept in the car. My holiday was the best. I hope I get another holiday like this.                                                                                                                        

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The top team

On the fist day of camp we all stayed our first game and the game was call top team and miss king team want fist and it was call dream team.we were against Mr mark team we were stayed to play we were beating them on and on we went we were all done ,We beat them but it was so cool and fun .

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I am looking forward to camp because it is fun and the thing that I like is going to Swimorama because it is so cool. If you don’t know what swimorama is, it is a pool with water in it. One pool is hot and the other pool is cold but I go into the cold pool because it is deep and it is just right for me. It is big and I like to race because it is fun and I play there.

The thing that is making me nervous is sleeping in the tent because it is outside and not in my bed. It will be so cold but if you have three people you won’t be that cold in the tent because you will be squashed and be hot.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

obstacle Course

While Room 15 were walking to the hall I felt so happy. We sat down and listened. We were starting to play a game and we got blindfolded. It was so scary but my friend Aldora was with me.

I was so sacred when I got on the obstacle course. I felt like I was sleep walking through the course. Down I came. It was like falling down. It was easy but also scary.

On my feet my friend was holding my hand as we walked. We went over the beanbag there was two. It was fun.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

images you can take

Step 1. you go on google and type in dogs.

Step 3. Click on the cogwheel and click on the advanced search.

Step 4. Click on it and than you click on only images labeled for reuse. on the box

Step 5. Click search images.

Step 6. than you can pink a dog form google.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


As I stared at my Kiwifruit it reminded me of a Potato. When I looked inside there were black spots like little ants. I saw green drops of juice on my fingers.

I squashed my Kiwifruit into the palm of my hands, it felt really soft. But the outside of my Kiwifruit was hairy and spiky. I liked the inside of my Kiwifruit because it felt so so soft.

When I chewed my yummy Kiwifruit it was juicy and delicious. The juice from my Kiwifruit tasted nice I just wanted to get another one.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Remember to wear your uniform with pride.
Everyone wears there uniform with pride.
Stop and think before you do.
Purua to potae before you get sun burn.
Eveytime I do something silly I stop think and do.
Come school everyday.
Take charge of yourself.