Monday, December 16, 2013

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela  was born on 1918 and died on the 6th of december 2013. He went to primary school near Qunu and receives his name Nelson by a  teacher. He Attends Wesleyan College at Fort Beaufort in 1983.

Nelson Mandela has 8th kids and three different wives he had two daughters and two sons with his first wife and. Then he had two other daughters with his second wife. Now theres only three of his children are still alive. But nelson Mandela has had a really hard life to himself he will need a break from now on.

on December the 6th 2013, Nelson Mandela died. He will never be forgotten. It is sad because one of the peaceful men like Nelson Mandela would leave. He is a hero. He will always be one.

Johnson & Johnson

Thank to the Johnson & Johnson for the present it was amazing I loved it , it  was grateful that you guys did that for us. Especially for doing it for the whole school that was problem hard to do. But you guys are fun and wonderful yours can do anything.

My present was awesome I loved it and I will treasure it for good , thank you thank you I can’t say anything else to say. Well the Present I got was that gift maker thing it was so cool I made my friends a gift card and even made me teacher one. I can’t be grateful then this you are the BEST!!!!!    

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ana Reflection 2013

This year has been really great for  my learning because of my netbook it helped me a lot. The internet is so awesome I don’t know what i’d do without it. The thing that I love about my  netbook is that you can go on anything you want and search up things that you don’t know and you want to know.

I have learn on my netbook that you can make heaps of things like your on song’s and animate on pixar. Which is amazing and people can look at your work and say something nice about it for you. I have learn form my friend about strategy.

I had really fun this year because of my friends and teachers and most of it my learning it been great I don’t want the year to end. But I think the teachers want it to hurry up and end I have learn heaps of thing this year by my best teacher miss king. You are the best the most thing that I have improved in is my reading and movie making.     

Action world

On Friday the year 7’s went out for a trip to action world  I was so excited to go there. We had to be at by 8am because the bus was leaving at 8.30am. When I got to school I was so happy I just wanted to got in  the bus and GO!!!.

But theres was bad news only one bus came and we all couldn't fit in there so some of us had to wait for the second bus. Me and my friends were playing hand games while we were waiting for the bus. The bus took like 10 years later. Then finally  he was here I pop on to  the bus as fast as I could because there might not be enough seat for us.

YEEEEEEEAAAAAH I could see the action world sign , we're nearly there and it looks so fun can’t wait to go and try them it gonna be so awesome. We had to seat in our groups Quietly and listen to instructions. befor we had free time.

When we had free time me and Grace waited in line so we can go on the jousting yes it our turn can’t wait to beat her. We ran up to each other I went down and push her but she fall down and sat on the age of it  tielt so then I holded her my arm and we  both fall down on the soft stuff.
SO she won but it was so fun I didn’t want to go back to school.