Monday, July 28, 2014

Holiday Recount:)

With enthusiasm, I planned what I wanted to do for the school holidays. I decided to save up to go to the movies. My uncle had entered my house with his kids and ask me what i’m up2 in these past holidays I told him I wanted to go movies. He said I’ll take you but you would have to take my two little ones.

Getting off the car I was regretting coming to the movies with my little cousin’s because it was so boring . The movie we watch called the house of magic it was cool but at the same time it was boring. Because they got to chose the movie I wished that I should of just save up and went with my friends it would of been way better. The movie was in 3D  

In we went we Sat down not even for  2 seconds these kids were driving my crazy they were walking around talking loud jumping on the chair and everything. I to myself “hurry up and finish I can’t stand this anymore.” So we can get out of here , I didn’t even feel like I was having  a day out with my little cousin’s it felt like I was  babysitting but better.  

I tried to make them sit down by going and buying them popcorn and a drink but they end up making a mess with the popcorn and the drink. I was so closed my ringing me uncle to come pick us up. Because they weren’t being good and they wasting  my money. The movie was nearly finish and it was  getting interesting because in the movie there was teamwork and forgiveness.