Friday, July 12, 2013

Ana & Annliz Reflection

Hi, me and Ana is making a movie about what things we have been focused on this term. A
na is focusing on her maths, so she can make and big improvement for the next half of this year. My name is Annliz and I need to work on my drawing.

Me and Ana have a lot in common, well not really a lot ! But yeah. We like to laugh. We like to be crazy. At times we be blond. We are good friends. We both dislike running. We both laugh at our own jokes even though it’s not funny ??? The answer to all of this is that we LOVE being eggs:)

We would like to end this term with a dance .

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Annliz & Ana Best Friend Movie

Me And Ana's Reflection Movie from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

                                                                     Thank you and hope you like it

Little Red

L.R and the mysterious boy from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

                                                                       Thank you and hope you like it

A, Q & A - Fairytale Storyboard - Movie Trailer

Monday, July 8, 2013

Ana & Kimberly

With a lean wiry body,  climbed the tall towering mountains. Feeling scared and nervous he kept climbing to get to the top. Going through all that tough things he finally made it to the top. When he got there he felt very exhausted and his muscles were aching. As he was walking towards the big door he crossed his finger’s with hope.

He knocked on the door and the sensei opened it, he took a ball to the sensei ,and sensei pointed. He thought that he was telling him to go away,  but the boy was feeling very sad and rejected. So then he sit there and meditating all night and then when it was the morning he knocked again and the  sensei pointed and the boy was angry and gave the sensei his eye. Then the sensei pointed and the boy look careful and it said please use the back door thank you.

The boy put his hands in his mouth and said sorry.

                                                               THANK YOU FOR READING   

lizabeth , Ana & kimberly's Fairy Tales

Once upon a time there were three young wolf’s who lived on a farm with their family. One day when they were kicking back the mother said “ GET UP AND GET OUT!!! You're getting too old , and I’m getting sick of doing your room when YOU’RE supposed to do it yourself. So the three wolfs split up and went out on a journey to find out where they might  live.

The first wolf was really lazy he just wanted his house to finish quick so he could kick back inside. He made his house out of plastic bottles. It was finished within half an hour he was really happy and said “Hahaha I finished  before you all and you can’t bet that shame. So off he went to kick back in his new house. The terrifying pig came along and knocked at the door. “Who is it” the wolf said with a lazy voice. “Big wolf big wolf please let me in” the terrifying pig said. You can come in if you want. The pig enter the house and the wolf was really scared. “Oh no” the wolf.

Can you please get out off my house he said. The pig went out and shut the door then he blow the house down. AAAAAAAh he screamed then he ran to his other brother house that was right next to him. His house was made out of candy then the pig knocked  on the door. “Come in” the wolf said. The pig walked in and gave the wolf his furious face. Then the wolf told him to get out and the pig ran away.