Friday, November 9, 2012

The Day I Met My BFF

It was my first day at school and I was so shy I went into my classroom and all of them were looking at me I was like OMG. I was like saying this in my mine can you stop looking at me because I am getting shy my teacher miss king said come in and have a set Ana that my name. It was lunchtime and all of the girls  were all at me  they were like hi Ana wat up and I am like it ok and she like hahahahaha she was like laughing.

It was like a year that I have been at that school and I find me a BFF her name was Aldora that was a pretty name. We are going to be BEST FRIENDS FOR EVER  you got that no one can break us apart we were laughing at the same time when it was class time me and Aldora will just be talking on the met and then get a growling form the teacher.

We were still BEST FRIENDS until  she had to go to Australia because her Grampa was sick in Australia so they had to go over there I was so sad. To see her go but she said that she will come back some time.

Jose fall down the roof

Josh was at his house he was just playing his game and then  his mum said I had enough of this game josh she said go and play outside now. You are not allowed to play on that game for 2 week you got that do YOU UNDERSTAND Josh . Yes mum Josh went outside he was so angry at his mum.

Josh climbed up on the roof  and he just sit there he look down and the trampoline was there he wanted to jump of the roof. But he thought his mum was going to get angry at him again but he just did it he jump of the roof and he did a flipped too he landed on the trampoline but his neck  broken mum mum come out he said.

“Mum came out and said what happened”  “I jump of the roof said Josh”  “omg get in the car now”  then mum took him into the hospital the doctor. Put a  neck brace on him  and the doctor said that Josh will have to just lay down on his bed in his room “ok said josh” him and his mum got home and Josh just went to his room and layed down. He said to himself that he is never going to play on his game again.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Have Some Fun In The Sun

Playing outside with all my friends on a sunny day  it was fun we played a game called handball and that was so much fun. Sometime we did 4 sqrt and then more people came so we wanted everyone to play so then we did 6 sqrt so then everyone was playing and happy and dancing and laughter we were all tired so we had a reats.

All of us went home to have our tea and biscuits at 12  then came back outside at 1 at the sometime. Hi friends welcome back again they all laughter you too should we play handball nah let play volleyball ok that will be fun. So we went to my friends backward and play ball boys vs girls  and girls are winner. Yea we won we won not you not you it just a game said the boy’s.

We were just sit down talking and laughter  have fun in the sun then we all had a walk. The sun was coming down  all our mum’s was calling us come inside now ok we all said. Bye friend’s bye Ana  see you guys tomorrow.