Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Egg's

When all the shop are open at easter time they are full with egg’s  you known it is the soon to be easter.  easter is not just all about chocolate it is about something else to  but little kid’s don’t know they just like chocolate.  they just say yummy yumm.

it is all about remember when jesus die , and this is the holy week for jesus  then we celebrate it we have some eggs with it too.    

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

User Fraction

This is a presentational about how to find out fraction and can help you too it is what me and my friends did hope you like it

Netball Trials

Clapping my hands it was netball trials  I ran home to get my shoes. My mum was there she said “Do you  want to get dropped off” “Yes” I replied.  We got in the car and then mum turned it on  we went  off.  Then the car went silent. I was going to be late, so then I opened the car door and ran. Mum said she will pick me up.
I finally got there tired. I was one of the first ones on the count I was Centre.  I like being Centre because you can run the whole count

Monday, March 4, 2013

The Black Hole

Have you ever wanted anything you couldn't afford? Around midnight as Benson Wenson was finishing off his job he accidently printed out a paper which had a big black 
dot on it. The bank was his one and only job. With luck on his side he could afford anything with the help of a magic black portal. 1 am the clock struck and he finally discovered that anything could go threw the hole and will make that object go onto the other side. Stealing the bosses savings he thought in his head. Sadly Benson also thought about being in serious trouble by his boss. Special amount of cash he stole but unfortunately he got caught by his boss just like he thought. In his head he said "What a pity.” Never discover something that will make you a criminal.

The Magical Tunnel

At  school there is  this boy called Sam. Their class was doing SSR and Sam got this book called the Big Tunnel.
He put his hand on it to have a touch and his hand went right through. It was magical!  He was shaking. Inside it felt wet and watery, but when he pulled his hand out it was dry! Sam was thinking “What  kind of tunnel is that?”

He really wanted to know what is in there. So he stuck his head inside and he could feel the wind blowing on him. He could see a cave filled with treasure he saw gold, money, necklaces, jewels,wand and a crown. It was just so cool.

So then he got in he was walking to the treasure. All of a sudden the book flew down and Sam was stuck. He couldn't find a way out so he cried for help. Then he was thinking about it, he went back to the treasure. He got the wand and was saying all of these magic words. Finally it worked and Sam got out, he was so happy.

When he got out he had some treasure with him gold and everything. When he got home he put his magical book away somewhere safe so when he need it he will get it.

SSR was finished said Sam’s teacher. Then they had lunch yum yum he wanted to tell his teacher but he wanted to tell his mum and dad first.

“Home time” his teacher said. Sam’s mum was waiting for him at the car park she saw him “Come on son we have  to go home or dad will be late for work.” “OK Mum” replied Sam as he got in the car. “Mum I have got this big long story to tell you.” “OK son tell me when we get home.” Said his mum.