Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Future Aspirations :)

Seating down listing very carefully to Mr Samuels saying his aspirations I was blown out from what he said because it meant heaps to me his aspirations was just amazing I loved it so much. The thing that I loved about his aspirations was that he said don't let the past determine you're future which means if you did something bad in the past don't let it ruin the rest of you're life.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Manaiakalani Film Festival :)

Term four week 6 Point England School went to the film festival at Sylvia park cinemas. The whole school attended the film festival however the juniors went in the morning then the senior went at 11.30 pm.  Point England senior ‘s were watching it with another school which was great we all had to bring $2 for the bus’s.

Wandered off the bus my friend and I were walking like we haven’t been to Sylvia park before. Then we got told to walk respectfully, I mumbled in my mind I wished I could buy some food because we were walking past all these shops and there were a whole lot of shops with shoes clothes and everything but we weren't allowed to buy anything. Going up the elevator I had butterflies everywhere.

I waddled into cinema three  looking closely at  the other school to see if I knew anyone. We all got seated to watch the film festival movies, when we were seated and ready to go Mr Burt started talking excitedly and happily about what we're gonna do when the film festival is finished.  

Point England school watched more then ten movies, my best movie was class 3 because it had good shot and I loved the meaning of it. I also liked class four’s movie which was the blow cut because it had me laughing for the beginning to the end. The film festival movies that we watched from the other school was cool and had my eyes stuck on to the videos.

Walking fast out of the cinema door I didn't want to leave. Waving my hands slowly I was saying bye to my friends who were staying there. Over all I looked forward to the film festival next year for the reason the I loved watching it and I like the meaning of them because it shows the love in other people.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Thinkboard fractions :)

Art attack :)

In the  start of term 4 Point England school teachers had to act what our topic was. It went juniors teachers first then middle school teaches then senior teachers the theme of the topic they acted was art attack. The best on that thing was the senior teaches because it was so interesting it got my excitement up,  they drawed portrait upside down that you didn’t know what it look like until they put it up the right way. The faces that they draw was our principal Mr. Burt and out other teachers that work at our school Mr. Jacobson and Mis. Jarman.  

Art popplet :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ways to show a number :)

Triangles math's :)

School uniform :)

I believe that all schools should have uniform because it is represent  where they come from and makes them look brilliant and sharp. I would want a school uniform for the reason that it makes me look smart and tidy. Also because  It is easy for me to have uniform so in the morning’s I do not have to wake up early just to find me some clothes for school especially when I have to find something nice so I don’t get mocked and judge from people behind my back.It would be frustrated for my mum because she would have to do my washing everyday so that I do not run out of clothes.

I go to Point England School which is an amazing school because we have everything even uniform for us student to look great in. I think that Pt England would not  look smart if we did not  have uniform, we would look messy and ugly because some kids don’t have really nice clothes to wear or some kids just have dirty clothes like short as short and crop top’s which is not suitable for  Pt England. I bet that every student would get back stab everyday about what they wore today or yesterday and the day before.

I would wake up around 6am or 7 just to find me some clothes so that I would not get judge or alienation because if someone were to judge me in front of my face or behind me back I would get really upset or angry or sometime I would not care. Some people think it’s okay to mock or judge people but it not,  kids will mock someone then say it was joke but the person that is getting mocked will feel sad in the inside but from the outside they be like algoods but really there hurting from the inside and out side. That is why we should not have mufti all the time.

Uniforms save time for us so that when we come back from school we do not have to look for something to wear for school the next day. Or wake up early and stare at the mirror for nearly 2 hours. I don’t have to  frustrate every morning because I have school uniform so when I come back from school it get washed then back folded and into my room, so when I wake up I just put my uniform on  and get ready. Not like some school who take heap’s of time taken off just to find some clothes and even be late to school because they were looking for something to wear when they've been at school learning .   

Friday, August 22, 2014

Life Education :)

Last week was our last session at the life education caravan. The life education caravan comes to our school every year and is packs son our  school grounds. To learn about choosing the right decisions when we grow up. The purpose of the Life education trust is to assist us when we grow up.

To put yourself in the right shoes you have to chose the right decisions and be respectful. We learn about all sorts of stuff in the life education van, such as drugs and alcohol, we had to learn about these object because it helps us when we grow up and how much it can damage your brain.

We go to life education because when we grow up we don’t have to regret what did when we were little because we only have one life to live. We get ask to answer difficult questions like what is dugs and how it can damage your brain and can make people died , what does drugs look like.  People take drugs because they can’t help themselves and there’ll always refreshed or sometimes kids get hooked up with drugs from there friends and addicted. It just the some to some people that are alcoholic.

The reason why we learn about choosing the right decision is because when we grow up we don’t take drug’s or be an alcohol. Because when we grow up we want to have a  good futures and put ourselves in the right shoe. It was really helpful learning about drugs and alcohol so that we know what’s best for us.

The brain is really easy to get damaged because drugs can change your whole body then change how your brain thinks and works. Alcohol can also damaged your brain because it makes you drunk and when you're drunk you can’t think properly so he sometime throws think around or do really bad think and even say hurtful words. That can make your brain not work properly.

It was really helpful going to the Life education caravan because it helped us what drugs and alcohol  are and what they can do to your body. Every time we go there we learn something new that we can go home and share with our mum and dad. So when I grow up I know not to take drugs and alcohol because of what I learnt in the Life education caravan.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Algebra :)

Netball :)

Netball is a really fun sport,  if you are interested in netball you would have to be able to keep up with the fitness, be confident  in the position you play. Most importantly use team work skills such as communication and play with your heart and giving it your best shot. The objective of this game is to practice lots more footwork and also playing as defense or attack. There are different positions for attackers and different positions for defense. It begun in England in the 1890’s  it is modification of basketball

Netball is a passionate  sport  to me because it’s  my  favorite sport and my team enjoys playing it.  If you’re like me and play G.K  is a defender that stays in the circle to block the other opponent GS. You might enjoy it because you can try to take the ball of your opponent's hands.  It can be difficult  at  times but most of all you have stuck on your  opponent .
GS goal shooter , GA goal attack  are the one’s that stay in the circle and work together to get the their shot’s in. GD goal deafen, GK goal keeper try’s to get the ball back so that GA and GS don’t get their shot’s in. WA wing attack  , WD wing deafen try to bring the ball down to the court for their team to get them some point. Last but not least C  , center run’s up and down the court to help assist their team.  

My favorite team is New Zealand representatives the  silver ferns because they’re good and they give it their best shot . The goal Keeper Irene Van Dyke who has recently retired and Maria Tutaia who also plays the position of Goalkeeper. Ever since I was a kid I have been inspired by these two role models. I like Maria because she is one of the most skilled long-range shooters and I just think that’s awesome. I really love Irene Van Dyk because although she’s originally from south africa she did a great job at representing New Zealand out there in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow - Scotland. Watching a few games of Net - Ball it means something to me                                          

I would love and like to follow my dreams by being a  Silver Ferns Net - Ball and when that comes in a few years in the future I will be  just like them and hopefully they will be proud of me and when I play their possession.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Life Education caravan Harold

Me and my class were going to the Harold caravan , when we get to the caravan we have take our shoes off and walk in carefully and quietly we sit in three rows so that we can all fit.  In the caravan we have to use our ear’s and out our hand's up if we have a question or if we know the answer. The things that I learnt in the caravan was to make good decision when I grow up. I learnt about all the drug’s and what they look like , also to have the good friends so that you won’t hook up with the wrong friends and get onto trouble.  

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sailing :)

WALT: Gather and interpret information

For what reasons was it ideal to go sailing on that particular day?
Because it was a nice day and there was wind which was good because it helps to push the boat.

Why do you think it was important to be initially learning on dry land?
Because it  safe and no on could get hurt and easier for the instructor to explain things to them.

Referring to the images on page 12, what are they learning on the dry land?
It looks like he's showing them the parts of the boat and what to do with them also it helps them because they will all know everything all about it the boat parts.

Why are ‘Optimists’ ideal to use when sailing?
Because it is a mental attitude and best for sailing.

Find the other meaning for optimist, define it: optimists it means that some way for factors that may not be fully comprehended.

Why is the direction of the wind important when sailing?
Because it shows them what side to go on and which side to put the boat on and it make everything more easy and the wind is part of sailing.   

What clue did the instructor give the children, when trying to figure out the direction the wind was blowing in? Why would this make sense?
He say’s to them what parts of your face and neck feels cold it helps you where the wind is coming from.
Find five important facts that are important when sailing an optimist.
1.  It sturdy
2. it safe for kids
3. and it unsinkable
4. It easy
5. and it nice and cool for the kids to control

Find a piece of string or rope in the class - Miss Clark will have some and put your figure of eight knot to the test. Take a picture of this to see how well you can follow (2).JPG

Why did Mark demonstrate how to tip the boat over? For what reason do you think he would have done this?
Because if the boat tips they know what to do and it easy because the water is warm and it good practise getting back into the boats bail away.

Before getting in a Optimist, why do you think it would be most important to be a good swimmer? Because it a nice sunny day and the wind is really good for them to try it out in the sun.

Would you like to sail an Optimist, do you think it would be difficult? Why/why not?
No because it a kid thing and it was made for kids and because the instructor will tell us what to do and when to do it.


Your own Optimist - label it referring to the images in the text.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Thinkboard :)

Commonwealth Games :)

The idea of the Commonwealth Games was first thought in the Olympic Games in the late 1800’s. The first Commonwealth Games were held in 1930 in Hamilton, Canada. The Commonwealth  sporting events are different to the Olympics events. The people that attended are from the commonwealth games sent  from 400 athletes to take part in 59 events. The Commonwealth games are called the ‘friendly games’  because they bring everyone together. Commonwealth was created by Arthur Mcsdalropington in 1928.  

Since then The Commonwealth Games is conducted every four years except for 1942 and 1946 due to the world war 2. The country’s bid to the Commonwealth Games to have it in there country. it was the 1978 when the Edmonton that saw this unique , world class multi - sports that is name the commonwealth games.

New Zealand won 14 gold medals, 14 silver medals and 17 bronze medals. A lot of athletes did their best at trying and they were all proud of each other. They represented their own countries well and they all had a lot of fun.

solve subtraction problems :)

World one war :)

Today is the 100th year anniversary of the World War 1. We call it the 'Lest We Forget' because it means that we remember it and never forget it. We thank the people that went and did everything they could to save our land and people. All school’s will have their flags raised and remembering the 100th World War 1 Anniversary. We share our love to all the people who died for us. The flags should be half mast to remember all the people that were in the war and the people that died.  

Monday, July 28, 2014

Holiday Recount:)

With enthusiasm, I planned what I wanted to do for the school holidays. I decided to save up to go to the movies. My uncle had entered my house with his kids and ask me what i’m up2 in these past holidays I told him I wanted to go movies. He said I’ll take you but you would have to take my two little ones.

Getting off the car I was regretting coming to the movies with my little cousin’s because it was so boring . The movie we watch called the house of magic it was cool but at the same time it was boring. Because they got to chose the movie I wished that I should of just save up and went with my friends it would of been way better. The movie was in 3D  

In we went we Sat down not even for  2 seconds these kids were driving my crazy they were walking around talking loud jumping on the chair and everything. I to myself “hurry up and finish I can’t stand this anymore.” So we can get out of here , I didn’t even feel like I was having  a day out with my little cousin’s it felt like I was  babysitting but better.  

I tried to make them sit down by going and buying them popcorn and a drink but they end up making a mess with the popcorn and the drink. I was so closed my ringing me uncle to come pick us up. Because they weren’t being good and they wasting  my money. The movie was nearly finish and it was  getting interesting because in the movie there was teamwork and forgiveness.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Triangle Addition :)

Kiwi News :)

Kiwi kids news - Week 7
1. A trust has been launched to oversea an important New Zealand anniversary in 2019. What will New Zealand be celebrating?
a. 150 years since Captain Cook landed in NZ
b. 250 years since Captain Cook landed in NZ
c. 350 years since Captain Cook landed in NZ

2. Who did Brazil play in their opening game of the World Cup?
• a. England
• b. Chile
c. Croatia

3. What caused the Auckland Harbour bridge to be temporarily closed last week?
a. high winds affecting traffic
• b. repair work
• c. road workers protesting against a wage decrease

4. At which venue is the national Fieldays agricultural show held each year?
a. Claudelands Showgrounds
• b. Mystery Creek
• c. the Hamilton Rose Gardens
5. In which country was the main airport attacked by terrorists?
• a. India
b. Pakistan
• c. Egypt
6. Why has Dan Carter been in the news recently?
• a. he is returning to NZ rugby
• b. he has announced he will be playing for a rugby club in Japan this season
• c. he is planning to switch the position he plays in

7. Why has the head boy at Marlborough Boys College been hailed as a hero?
•a. he dragged a women from a burning house
•b. he has donated a kidney to a fellow student
•c. he helped rescue a girl who was being swept down a swollen river

8. What is the main language spoken on the island of Santorini? Greek

9. What is the name of New Zealand’s base in Antarctica that is getting a $3.9 million refurbishment?
• a. Hillary Base
• b. Scott Base
• c. Kiwi Base

My Mum Calls Me Charlie :)

Referring to the title of the text what do you think the text is about? I think that her mum calls her Charlie all the time because it say my mum calls me Charlie and that her mum likes calling her that but her name not Charlie

Why was the young girls grandad upset? Because his daughter  didn't come back for her His and he tough that she might be lost or lift them.

Who had grandad rung to take care of the young girl, for what reason had he done this? Grandad called the social welfare to arrange a home for her he said that someone younger could look after her.

Who are the social welfare? What is their role in society? They look afar children that needs look offering and that needs help for their kids.

Where do you think mum had gone? What do you think is happening in the story?
Maria had found mum and when she came back she bang jeans and a T-shirts for him it sounds really sad.

The adults were talking all night, what are some of the topics you think they might have been discussing? About charlie and why did grandpa ring them they were also Maria said that she’ll take them up north but grandad said u don’t belong in Tuwharetoa.

For what reason do you think they discussed not belonging in Auckland? Because Maria said that she’ll take them up north but grandad said you  don’t belong in Tuwharetoa then Maria said that you don’t belong in Auckland either.

Who is Maria, what role does she have in this situation? she his 25 year old cousin and she was angry that Charlie grandad called the social Welfare.

We know there are people who come to stay in Maria’s house, who are these people? Maria Teia Sara Teia’s dog Miro.

Design and create a bookmark, on one side of the bookmark write down interesting words you come across that you have not seen before.

Create your own glossary, by writing down the word and the meaning of the word next to it. For example..
My glossary:
Gremlin: A mischievous character said to cause accidents to machines

Social Welfare: Is a place that looks out for little kids and help people for they need helping.
Auckland; Is a city that people live in and stay for good.
arrange: means someone has book it for them.
arrived: means that a person just came or got there.
allowed: means that they can go and do anywhere and  anything  with their friends.