Friday, November 18, 2011

One tree hill

Sliding down the hill avoiding the rocks and pool.Finally reaching the crate was this the end ‘’Look up there.’’Tumbling and giggling they dirt came rolling down.Watching other people coming down it was so funny running and sliding. I was nervous and tumbling to come down ow ow.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Alien snot

Yuck Alien snot running down my hand gooey and smelly.

Room 13 made Alien snot it was yuck and EWW i said to my self.Miss king put us in to group of 4.

Then Miss King put the ingredients in to the bowl we began to stir it. Step one you put one cup of cornflour in to the bowl. Next Step you put One little cup of water. Third Step you put a little of green food coloring in to the bowl.

As my group was stirring the bowl it was so hard like a rock.When i picked it up the Alien snot it was slimy.My hand was dirty yuck i said to my friend they think that too.

That was really fun i said to Miss King. In the end the snot went everywhere in room 13.Yuck and dirty the Alien snot went on my uniform YUCK Alien snot on me.