Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Future Aspirations :)

Seating down listing very carefully to Mr Samuels saying his aspirations I was blown out from what he said because it meant heaps to me his aspirations was just amazing I loved it so much. The thing that I loved about his aspirations was that he said don't let the past determine you're future which means if you did something bad in the past don't let it ruin the rest of you're life.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Manaiakalani Film Festival :)

Term four week 6 Point England School went to the film festival at Sylvia park cinemas. The whole school attended the film festival however the juniors went in the morning then the senior went at 11.30 pm.  Point England senior ‘s were watching it with another school which was great we all had to bring $2 for the bus’s.

Wandered off the bus my friend and I were walking like we haven’t been to Sylvia park before. Then we got told to walk respectfully, I mumbled in my mind I wished I could buy some food because we were walking past all these shops and there were a whole lot of shops with shoes clothes and everything but we weren't allowed to buy anything. Going up the elevator I had butterflies everywhere.

I waddled into cinema three  looking closely at  the other school to see if I knew anyone. We all got seated to watch the film festival movies, when we were seated and ready to go Mr Burt started talking excitedly and happily about what we're gonna do when the film festival is finished.  

Point England school watched more then ten movies, my best movie was class 3 because it had good shot and I loved the meaning of it. I also liked class four’s movie which was the blow cut because it had me laughing for the beginning to the end. The film festival movies that we watched from the other school was cool and had my eyes stuck on to the videos.

Walking fast out of the cinema door I didn't want to leave. Waving my hands slowly I was saying bye to my friends who were staying there. Over all I looked forward to the film festival next year for the reason the I loved watching it and I like the meaning of them because it shows the love in other people.