Monday, October 29, 2012

Lily Save The Day

Walking to the quaker there was heaps of tree and bush’s Kata and her sister were hated their heads on the.Tree because It was too long the tree were moving around “zzzzzz kata said it is cold” the wind was so touareg. It was like the was going to come down kata and her sister were secured.

kata and her sister were just going walking and all you can hear is cark cark the tree was coming down on them. Kata sermd and Lily her sister jump up and was crying “run run run said Kata” ”NO! I am not going to leave you here said Lily. Like this she was stark form the tree. So she called there “mum come now” “why said mum” don’t ask why just come Kata is hata mum came and called the ambleny.

The ambleny came and they got Kata out from the tree and took her to the hasbold and Lily was called a good girl for calling for help. But Kate or better but here neke was hata Kata and Lily said at the same time we are never going to the quaker again. Mum was happy I love you tow         

Friday, October 19, 2012

Getting Kidnap

Going to town Daina’s mum give her money yeah she can’t wait to buy her think’s.She went into the shop she wanted to go in and it had jewly in it she said that so pretty. But she only had 50$ and the thing she wanted was only 20$ plus she  wanted to eat. She bought the top when she was coming out of the door this man was waiting there “cool top he said”  “thanks Daina’s said” as she was walking to go eat.

the men grabbed her “she screamed help help help” “give me your money” “ no she said it my.” The men put her in his car he kidnap her then they went to his home Daina’s was crying so hard  her mum called to see where she was and her phone was in her bag she got it and then the men came. “No no no Daina’s said” “are you crying for your mom the men said.” It was 7.30 and Daina’s mum was worried then she called the police.

Can you find my daughter please she beg  beg  crying her heart out pettey please ok we will thanks you so much I can’t say anything else. The police went around  house’s they went by one house and they heard a screamed oh what that they knocked on the door no one answered so then they look in the window they saw a girl tied up but they couldn’t  go in so they smashed the window. One men got the girl and the other men got the bad men.

So the men who kidnap Daina’s  went to jail and Daina’s went home to her mum and her “mum said you are not going anywhere now you are just staying home with me”.” Ok mum” happy