Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Surprise

Once upon a time when I went home my mum and dad were doing a surprise for me yea. Every Day like any normal weekday I would go to school and stay there for 6 hrs. I found out that my parents were planning a surprise party for me. How exciting!

But one day before the party something mysterious happened my parents would not allow me to go outside. Because of that I would not be able to play outside with my friends. Because of that I couldn’t invite my neighbours and friends to my bday.

Because of that I couldn't have the birthday party. Until finally I ran into my room weeping. ‘’Daughter! come here” my mum shouted. Walking glumly, I entered the living room. ‘’surprise” everyone was happy.

Ever since that very happy surprise party happened, I have been so happy. The moral of the story is even though you can’t have your dream birthday , just be happy you still have a birthday.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Patrick And sponge bob

A  nice sunny afternoon Spongebob took a day off from work so he took his  best friend Patrick to the beach. Taking his surfing board with him Patrick took his too. Spongebob w
ent into the water first and started surfing. He screamed “woooo” falling off , his best friend Patrick murmured “Ooooooo” he has a plan he got his glue and put it all over his feet “apply the sauce”  he shouted, and his feet were stuck on the board together.

Patrick went into the water with his glued feet. Surfing through the water into the barrel he screamed “I will not be separated from this surfing board”. Surfing as fast as he could, all the water splashed in his face. Patrick wiped it off,  then when he moved his hand from his eyes , his  eyes poked out as he saw a giant rock. He yelled nervously “Rock! Separate! Separate!” he went flying into the air and then his bones came out it was like a skeleton. His skeleton said “I like your sandals” , Patrick answered “thanks we’re inseperable”a.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dory and Marlin

Deep down in the dark blue sea Marlin was sitting on a rock  along came Dory. “Hey Grumpy Gills” Dory yelled. “When life gets you down, you know what you gotta do” Dory ask?
“I don’t want to know what , you gotta do” Marlin whispered sadly  
“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming” Dory sang it in a loud voice . “What we do , we” swim swim swim” Dory singing even louder .” As she was singing she was holding Marlin’s arm going down and down and deeper  to the dark. ,
“Dory, no singing” Marlin shouted.
“I love to swim when you want to swim” Dory yelled happily .
“Sorry” Dory whispered.