Monday, March 31, 2014

Love :)

Class three were doing popplet for others word the  love I had to do over 30 words so here are some word that you can find   

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Mah-Jong :)

Looking at the title and the image on the front page what do you think the story is about?
I think that their was a person trying to break into the house and the little brother and sister were getting up from their bed to go see who was it and a lod lady was really anger  

Why was Ai Ling’s father walking inside wobbling?
Because he was drunk and he was a the Mah-Jong place where the mum doesn't like him going there cause he goes and spend the money.

How did her mother react to her father coming home at this time?
She was anger her face shears were really ugly and she was yelling at him.

Where had her father been, how did they feel about her father being at this place?
He was at the Mah jong place and the feit that there dad is bad and he not

Why was Ai’s mum banging and making as much noise as she could while putting the pots and pans away? because she was so anger that  dad came home so late and that he was at the mah jong.

In what way do Ai and her mother view her father as being ‘bad’?
He keep going to that place and coming home late and spending that money for his kids.

Is Ai happy at home? Why/why not? How do we know this?
at this stage ai is sad because her mum and dad keep fighting and she got scared that she wanted to run away from home.

How can we gather that Ai’s mother was angry as a result of her father staying out late again? (Refer to the image and text) her mum lips were pressed close together in a straight line there were deep, frowning lines on her face.  

Where is Ai’s mother taking her and her brother? For what reason do you think her mother  is doing this?  they are going to look for their father and go to every Mah-jong  cause the mum is sick of it and now she just want to get him so he can be ashamed of himself

Predict what you think will happen next in the story. What is your reasoning for your prediction? I think that the mum will give a punishment to the dad and might even leave him for his own  good  


Of what social status is Ai and her family, are they wealthy? How do you know this? What is your reasoning for thinking this? no because the dad is going to the mahjong every time and yes because that dad stopped going there and spending all his money and now his using his money on his kids and wife which is good  

Where had mother gone to?  a little spare room office she made it into a bedroom

How had the situation taken a turn? Who was now taking care of the children?
The mum lift her husband and ask the kids if they wanted to stay with their mum or dad but then they adam staying with there dad

For what reason do you think the children’s mother had been staying at their fathers office on her own? Because she didn’t want to see the dad and she was sick of him cause he keep coming home late and the kids had to stay with the dad in there house for now.

What bad habits does father have? Where do you think he is going in the evenings? he comes home late he gambles at the mahjong and he gets his kids to talk for him

List three examples of bad habits:
1.being a bad person
2. not being a very nice people to other
3. and also not being good to your teacher and mum and dad  

Thursday / Friday:

Do you think it was a good idea that Ai’s mother asked the children to choose between their father and mother? Why / why not? What is your justification for this.
No because it would be hard to choose cause she love both her mum and dad and it wouldn't be fair for them to choose.

Why did Ai not make her speech like she had intended? because every night their father came home earily

Do you think it was appropriate that father made the children speak to mother on his behalf? no because it dad resbonlity bleit to bring mum home and not the kids because the mum will rather the dad come and speak to her.

How do you think mother is feeling as her children plead for her to return home? she felt happy and that they care about her so much and also love her to

Do you think Ai’s mother should return home with father or stay away? What is your reasoning for this?  yes because it good to have a family back and so far apart from each other because they all love each other and everything.

Ai’s mother ‘sighs’ yet begins to pack her things, do you think she is happy to be heading home with Ai and the rest of the family? Why?/ why not?  yes because she happy that her dad is changs and feeling great about going home with her kids and husband and that they are back you one family now.

Monday, March 10, 2014


Info: Empathy

Empathy means looking out for each other and always being there and if a person doesn't know how to do it you can show them how it is done. Caring for each other too and never give up of what you’re good it and also never let people put your dreams down.

It is really important that you show empathy because then people will know that you're a good person and they will also trust you. But if you don’t show Empty people might think that you a bad person and you got no manner for anyone or even your family too. They might not even love you or do anything for you when you need it the most and for the best.
Showing it to each other is a really good thing you can show it to each other by being king awesome and even amazing to you mum and dad and your teacher too. Showing Empathy to people is good it show’s that you love them you care about them and you also like playing with them

Some people don’t care they just do whatever they want to do but something what  they want to do is not that good. some of them choose not to love for each other and don’t care about anything and ask why they have show it?.The only reason why I show it because I want to have a good lile in the future.  




One of our activities today was to create a Popplet or word web to increase our range of vocabulary. The word we were given was Want. I found 22 words that are synonyms for want.


Monday, March 3, 2014


One of our reading activities today was to create a popplet or word web to increase our range of vocabulary. The word we were given was Leisure, I found 30 many words that are synonyms leisure.